Thursday, 29 October 2009

What I've been up to

Oh life in my little head has been so hectic!! It seems I haven't stopped running for the past month! Between bouts of feeling sicky (possible IBS, booo) and working, and also just trying to have some Me Time, I've not found any time for blogging!! 

I did have time to go back and get another mint green Barry M nail polish, and a silver eyeliner which I haven't been able to find since the day I bought it! Bought a fabulous dress in Oasis sale, and some over the knee socks that are quite fun and flirty to wear.

Halloween is this weekend, and I have my devils costume ready to go! I was considering stockings with it, but the ladies on Twitter convinced me to rethink that!  Thanks Super Modesty Woman! x

I'm currently refreshing an Ebay listing on a pair of shoes, finishing at 7.38pm, 24 mins away, so I figured I had to do a spot of blogging for a change!  Wish me luck, mamma wants a new pair of shoes!!

I have been reading this AMAZING halloween post by Retro Chick.  I love every single piece of footwear in this post, its really not helping my cravings for some serious goth boots.  I may have to keep my eye out for some going cheap on ebay......!