Thursday, 8 October 2009

Update: Barry M Mint green polish

I said it once, and I'll say it again.


This stuff is good!! I bought it Monday, painted nails that night and its still, entirely chip free! Well done, Barry M, I think you might have changed me from a nail polish snob to a bargain brights lover!!

Admittedly, to get the best out of any polish, no matter how much it costs, application is a lot to do with it. Take your time. File your nails to a smooth finish using a softer emery board.  Give yourself a base coat, to give a smooth even nail, as well as making it easier to remove dark colours.  Apply 2 coats if it needs it, and make sure you leave 5 mins between applications.  Always always always use a top coat. If this ships a little, you wont notice, but if your colour chips, you will see it.  Plus, they are not made of regular varnish stuff, its a different mixture, designed to give a robust, smooth, shiny finish, without having to worry about colour. 

Here ends todays lesson.

By the way, have you bought it yet? Go get it!!!


You can't catch me.....

...I'm the GingerBread Man!!

Anyone who knows me is about to become very bored with that nursery rhyme, because I bought this.


Its a watch! A real one! I havent thought of a name yet, but you are all invited to the Christening. I am feeling that its a boy, despite the pink bow tie. I love him, so kitsch and cute.

He came from one of my favourite websites, Love Hearts and Crosses. They have free post and packing this week with the code FREEPP. I couldnt let an opportunity like that go amiss. And neither should you!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My Obsessions: Nails

Apart from the obvious shoe, and shopping obsessions, I also love my long nails. I know not everyone loves length on their fingers, but I do. I've never ever bit a finger nail, and it turns my stomach to see the nails of a compulsive biter, with short weak nails, and big bleeding round finger tips! YUCK!! I cant even bring myself to take a pair of nail clippers near my talons, so if I want/need to shorten them, it involves long and laborious filing.

Needless to say, an obsession with nails comes with nail polish. And lots of it!! I'll post pics of my collection soon, but here are my latest purchases from Superdrugs.


Barry M Mint Green, colour 304, which is the nearest I'll get to the Chanel Jade that's been all over the interwebs since it hit the catwalks. I. Love. It. I always thought darker polishes were my thing, or a fabulous red. But wearing this has changed my mind! Its so funky and bright, and catches the eye. Wow. I've only ever bought 1 Barry M nail polish before, and wasn't hugely fussed, compared to my normal OPI, and although I still didn't love the teeny brush, I have to say I'm impressed! It did take two coats, but most lighter colours do to get the coverage, and I topped it off with Nails Inc Brixton Hardener to a shiny finish. An hour or so shopping on the Matalan website* ensured that I didn't get any smudges, and I think they look amazing!

In short: this nail polish is brilliant. I advise you to snap it up while you still can! In fact, I'm seriously considering getting another bottle!!


I also purchased another new colour, Bright Purple colour 303. And because I bought 2 items, I got a kohl pencil free! I picked colour 13 to kinda match the mint green nails. but you can pick from any of their colours. I'm sold on their products now! This is the start of a beautiful relationship!


*Note to self: You cannot buy something online every single time you paint your nails, just to avoid smudging!

Today I.....

Today I realised how bad I had been by not blogging! I really have no excuse, so consider my wrists slapped.

My wee lad was off school ill today and yesterday so I've had a little longer to get ready in the morning before rushing to work! Every cloud....! That extra 20 mins was a god send, and I even managed to wash my hair! It was an absolute state, embarrassing really! I've been experimenting with new products and you don't know how it will leave your hair til you wake up next day, but by then its normally about 8.15 and I've no time for even the quickest wash, and its too thick with rubbish that dry shampoo wont work! I went for a bare minimum spritzing of Charles Worthington Dream Hair Finishing Shine Spray. Not fabulous, but quick and easy.




Today I'm wearing a great black dress from Debenhams, that I spotted on The Fashion Police a year ago, and I really dont wear it enough! Its very comfortable and versatile. Teamed with a pair of black tights, my new Anglomania heels, and handbag and fab necklace from one of my Twitter friends @CostumeJewels. The handbag is sold out now, but they have an amazing selection of other designer inspired bags, and of course this silver necklace! Free P&P on everything, I can't help but treat my self on a regular occasion from this site! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Bad Blogger


I'm sorry I havent been blogging this past week, but I've just been too darn busy!! Work is hectic, home is hectic, social life been hectic, and my poor wee blog had to be cast aside for more important things, like meeting Boba Fett.


Lots of posts coming this week, promise!