Saturday, 19 September 2009

Satisfying my Cravings...

On Twitter, a new friend, @Emma_Cossey won a voucher for, £50 off a £150 spend, and as she wasn't going to use it, she very kindly gave it to me!! £100 was really my top limit, hense trying to stick to the budget.

Lets just say, I put it to very good use.  More information when my package arrives!! It would be safe to assume that I will soon have A pair of red shoes, but which ones do you think I should have bought?

Emma (the other one!) has just started blogging for Shoewawa after the change-over. So make sure you still feature it in your daily blog reading. I am very glad that it has survived the hoo-haa, it was the first blog I ever started to follow daily.

Its Simple, you just buy me the boots.......

These Carvela boots have stolen my heart. Just look at them.

PhotobucketPerfect does not come near!! They are like a mullet, business at the front, party at the back! They feature a rounded toe, platform, have cute little laces, and are quite manly in their styling. At the front. But turn them round and you have one of the sexiest heels I have ever seen in my life. And I've seen a lot of shoes.


Wow. Just wow. They kinda look like drawing pins, or in actual fact, looking at them now, dont they look like replacement heel tips, only the wrong way round? Its about time designers got back to the classier stiletto heel, although I am first to admit that I do appreciate a chunkier heel, to make a shoe much more wearable.

The only hang up? The price. Isn't it always. £160 is all that is keeping these beauties off my feet. Kurt Geiger, and Carvela may be doing some cheaper shoes, but their top end prices have gone sky high. £550 for a pair of boots?!?! I'd rather have a pair of Louboutins dahling ;)

Current Cravings

I'm feeling like its about time to bankrupt myself, so what better way to do that than spend all the money I have at! I have previously purchased a Vivienne Westwood top from them, and Tweeted the opening of the box. With pictures. Riveting stuff, I tell ya. I had the whole world glued to their seats, months before Derren Brown. I think he stole my idea but, you know, me and D are like THAT close, so I'll let him off with it this time. But if he starts a blog sale, I'll have to kick his ass.

I'm trying not to spend more than £150, so I've set my eye on the following:

Black Rats £93
Yes, I know, I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but its taken me this long to grow to love them. Constantly seeing them on Polyvore, and Kingdom of Style and the like, I've decided that I do in fact love them too.

Ash Red Secret Shoes £37
I don't actually own red shoes, I know, shocking! But I think these could fill the void, the angular heel makes them that little bit more special, and the peep toe is perfect for all year round wear. Bargain.

D&G butterfly brooch £20
Dolce & Gabbana for £20. And its cute as a button. Need I say more?

Those 3 do make a nice round £150, but I also love these:

By Malene Birger Necklace £130
I adore how this looks! I would wear it with everything, would love to make this my signature piece.

Melissa 3 strap heels £110
Again, self explanatory. These red heels would make my life complete. I might never need to buy shoes again. OK, so we all know that's not going to happen, but its the reason I would give Mr J for spending all our money.

What do you think? Please leave me a comment!!

Wow, I'm committed to this.....!


Seems I set up a blog many many moons ago, and never posted to it again!! Whoops. Must. Try. Harder.

Well, so much has changed in the past 3 years! I'm now married (Mrs JJ to you, thanks), Jack is 7, and in P3 at school, I never ever get a chance to watch tv, and I wouldnt be able to go to bed if I didnt have a book to take with me! We got another bunny, the gorgeous Bruce, he is the only addition to the immediate family, but I'm also an auntie for the first time, to the adorable 3 year old Steven. He is hard work, but lots of fun.

As for being a shoe addict, well that hasnt changed much! Only the fact that I've also become a shoe snob, and hate buying cheaper shoes, which has been a costly transition. Thank goodness for eBay!

I've also recently bought my first Vivienne Westwood dress(es). That decided it. I am a Westwood gal, through and through. Its amazing how just wearing one of her dresses can lift your mood, and make everything look and feel better! She does things for a woman no man could ever do! Try it, you wont go back .

I'm now a Twitter Addict too. Seriously, I could attend a different support group every night of the week, and still not exercise all my demons. I blame giving up smoking. If I still smoked, my addictive personallity would be satisfied, and although I still wouldn't have any money, you might actually be able to see my bedroom for clothes, shoes, and accessories! Bring back the Woodbines!! Also, if I was a smoker now, I would totally be using a long cigarette holder. My only regret before i gave up was that I never got to try one of those. Le sigh.

So anyhoo, over the next few weeks, I will be listing stuff on here, hoping to clear some room, and save up to buy myself something really special for christmas. I've had a shitty year. I deserve it!! So please do tell your friends, neighbours, and cross dressing boyfriends (what, you didnt know.... sorry) that Emma the Shoe Addict will be having a Blog Sale!!!!