Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wow, I'm committed to this.....!


Seems I set up a blog many many moons ago, and never posted to it again!! Whoops. Must. Try. Harder.

Well, so much has changed in the past 3 years! I'm now married (Mrs JJ to you, thanks), Jack is 7, and in P3 at school, I never ever get a chance to watch tv, and I wouldnt be able to go to bed if I didnt have a book to take with me! We got another bunny, the gorgeous Bruce, he is the only addition to the immediate family, but I'm also an auntie for the first time, to the adorable 3 year old Steven. He is hard work, but lots of fun.

As for being a shoe addict, well that hasnt changed much! Only the fact that I've also become a shoe snob, and hate buying cheaper shoes, which has been a costly transition. Thank goodness for eBay!

I've also recently bought my first Vivienne Westwood dress(es). That decided it. I am a Westwood gal, through and through. Its amazing how just wearing one of her dresses can lift your mood, and make everything look and feel better! She does things for a woman no man could ever do! Try it, you wont go back .

I'm now a Twitter Addict too. Seriously, I could attend a different support group every night of the week, and still not exercise all my demons. I blame giving up smoking. If I still smoked, my addictive personallity would be satisfied, and although I still wouldn't have any money, you might actually be able to see my bedroom for clothes, shoes, and accessories! Bring back the Woodbines!! Also, if I was a smoker now, I would totally be using a long cigarette holder. My only regret before i gave up was that I never got to try one of those. Le sigh.

So anyhoo, over the next few weeks, I will be listing stuff on here, hoping to clear some room, and save up to buy myself something really special for christmas. I've had a shitty year. I deserve it!! So please do tell your friends, neighbours, and cross dressing boyfriends (what, you didnt know.... sorry) that Emma the Shoe Addict will be having a Blog Sale!!!!


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  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to reading more.