Saturday, 19 September 2009

Current Cravings

I'm feeling like its about time to bankrupt myself, so what better way to do that than spend all the money I have at! I have previously purchased a Vivienne Westwood top from them, and Tweeted the opening of the box. With pictures. Riveting stuff, I tell ya. I had the whole world glued to their seats, months before Derren Brown. I think he stole my idea but, you know, me and D are like THAT close, so I'll let him off with it this time. But if he starts a blog sale, I'll have to kick his ass.

I'm trying not to spend more than £150, so I've set my eye on the following:

Black Rats £93
Yes, I know, I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but its taken me this long to grow to love them. Constantly seeing them on Polyvore, and Kingdom of Style and the like, I've decided that I do in fact love them too.

Ash Red Secret Shoes £37
I don't actually own red shoes, I know, shocking! But I think these could fill the void, the angular heel makes them that little bit more special, and the peep toe is perfect for all year round wear. Bargain.

D&G butterfly brooch £20
Dolce & Gabbana for £20. And its cute as a button. Need I say more?

Those 3 do make a nice round £150, but I also love these:

By Malene Birger Necklace £130
I adore how this looks! I would wear it with everything, would love to make this my signature piece.

Melissa 3 strap heels £110
Again, self explanatory. These red heels would make my life complete. I might never need to buy shoes again. OK, so we all know that's not going to happen, but its the reason I would give Mr J for spending all our money.

What do you think? Please leave me a comment!!


  1. £93 for a pair of leggings????? The red shoes are a must! Order them right away!!

  2. Love the leggings but I'm more than sure you could create the same with a pair of Primarni specials and a pair of scissors. Do it. What have you got to lose. £6 max?!
    Cannot BELIEVE you don't own red shoes!!! They are a must, I own at least 4, which leads me on to my love of your last choice. My all time fave red shoes are my Office Rudey 3-Straps. These are very like them. Really really wearable, you'll be so shocked by how much use you get out of them!
    Buy buy buy!!! xx

  3. I'd love a pair of Black Rats, but yeah, the cost does put me off a bit! As a compromise, I bought a pair of black eel leggings from American Apparel - not quite the same but much cheaper!