Saturday, 19 September 2009

Satisfying my Cravings...

On Twitter, a new friend, @Emma_Cossey won a voucher for, £50 off a £150 spend, and as she wasn't going to use it, she very kindly gave it to me!! £100 was really my top limit, hense trying to stick to the budget.

Lets just say, I put it to very good use.  More information when my package arrives!! It would be safe to assume that I will soon have A pair of red shoes, but which ones do you think I should have bought?

Emma (the other one!) has just started blogging for Shoewawa after the change-over. So make sure you still feature it in your daily blog reading. I am very glad that it has survived the hoo-haa, it was the first blog I ever started to follow daily.

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