Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ive got a Domain!!

I'm moving!!

Going to finish up here, and move to my newly purchased domain,

Please amend your RSS & links etc!!

Thanks for following xxx

Friday, 13 November 2009

Did you hear that??

Did you hear that noise?  It was the sound of my heart breaking. 

Jimmy Choo have decided with H&M that Northern Ireland stores are not going to stock one, if not THE most eagerly awaited designer high street collaborations of all time.  The Jimmy Choo @ H&M shoe and clothing range.

GUTTED doesnt come near.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

My Christmas Wishlist

I hadn't actually planned for all my posts today to be about Christmas, but I guess that its hard to escape from at this time of year, and for the next 43 days too(OMG!!). So here are the things I would love to get from Santa

From Accessorize firstly, these super cute warm earmuffs £16


And again from Accessorize a fabulous necklace £14
The final item from Accessorize is this amazing hairband £14

Moving websites to ASOS now, this dress I already have in black, but its simply divine, so the purple version would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe! Dress £38


Now sold out from ASOS is this, I'm honestly gutted, as I wanted to make it a statement piece I wore regularly.  Devastated.  


I will have to make do with this feather hairband from Oasis @ASOS £16
For those days when I am in a silly mood (which some weeks out number the normal days...) I would need this Moustache Necklace, from Etsy $9.  I'd have to think of a name for my tash'ed alter ego too!


This Tatty Devine Dinosaur necklace is simply too amazing for words.  Raaaarrrrrrrr.From £96

And last but by no means least these heels that Ive loved for a few months now, finally down in the sale from Office £30


Well, what do you think of them? Link in the comments to your own Christmas Wishlist and I'll put them up here in a few days!

I just Elf'd myself....

On a cold and dreary morning, what better thing to do than Elf yourself, and start singing christmas songs! My Elf Troup, made up of fellow Tweeters, Michael, James, Emma, and my son Jack, got our christmas hats out and made a wee video for you. Hope you enjoy it!!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Thursday, 29 October 2009

What I've been up to

Oh life in my little head has been so hectic!! It seems I haven't stopped running for the past month! Between bouts of feeling sicky (possible IBS, booo) and working, and also just trying to have some Me Time, I've not found any time for blogging!! 

I did have time to go back and get another mint green Barry M nail polish, and a silver eyeliner which I haven't been able to find since the day I bought it! Bought a fabulous dress in Oasis sale, and some over the knee socks that are quite fun and flirty to wear.

Halloween is this weekend, and I have my devils costume ready to go! I was considering stockings with it, but the ladies on Twitter convinced me to rethink that!  Thanks Super Modesty Woman! x

I'm currently refreshing an Ebay listing on a pair of shoes, finishing at 7.38pm, 24 mins away, so I figured I had to do a spot of blogging for a change!  Wish me luck, mamma wants a new pair of shoes!!

I have been reading this AMAZING halloween post by Retro Chick.  I love every single piece of footwear in this post, its really not helping my cravings for some serious goth boots.  I may have to keep my eye out for some going cheap on ebay......!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Update: Barry M Mint green polish

I said it once, and I'll say it again.


This stuff is good!! I bought it Monday, painted nails that night and its still, entirely chip free! Well done, Barry M, I think you might have changed me from a nail polish snob to a bargain brights lover!!

Admittedly, to get the best out of any polish, no matter how much it costs, application is a lot to do with it. Take your time. File your nails to a smooth finish using a softer emery board.  Give yourself a base coat, to give a smooth even nail, as well as making it easier to remove dark colours.  Apply 2 coats if it needs it, and make sure you leave 5 mins between applications.  Always always always use a top coat. If this ships a little, you wont notice, but if your colour chips, you will see it.  Plus, they are not made of regular varnish stuff, its a different mixture, designed to give a robust, smooth, shiny finish, without having to worry about colour. 

Here ends todays lesson.

By the way, have you bought it yet? Go get it!!!


You can't catch me.....

...I'm the GingerBread Man!!

Anyone who knows me is about to become very bored with that nursery rhyme, because I bought this.


Its a watch! A real one! I havent thought of a name yet, but you are all invited to the Christening. I am feeling that its a boy, despite the pink bow tie. I love him, so kitsch and cute.

He came from one of my favourite websites, Love Hearts and Crosses. They have free post and packing this week with the code FREEPP. I couldnt let an opportunity like that go amiss. And neither should you!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My Obsessions: Nails

Apart from the obvious shoe, and shopping obsessions, I also love my long nails. I know not everyone loves length on their fingers, but I do. I've never ever bit a finger nail, and it turns my stomach to see the nails of a compulsive biter, with short weak nails, and big bleeding round finger tips! YUCK!! I cant even bring myself to take a pair of nail clippers near my talons, so if I want/need to shorten them, it involves long and laborious filing.

Needless to say, an obsession with nails comes with nail polish. And lots of it!! I'll post pics of my collection soon, but here are my latest purchases from Superdrugs.


Barry M Mint Green, colour 304, which is the nearest I'll get to the Chanel Jade that's been all over the interwebs since it hit the catwalks. I. Love. It. I always thought darker polishes were my thing, or a fabulous red. But wearing this has changed my mind! Its so funky and bright, and catches the eye. Wow. I've only ever bought 1 Barry M nail polish before, and wasn't hugely fussed, compared to my normal OPI, and although I still didn't love the teeny brush, I have to say I'm impressed! It did take two coats, but most lighter colours do to get the coverage, and I topped it off with Nails Inc Brixton Hardener to a shiny finish. An hour or so shopping on the Matalan website* ensured that I didn't get any smudges, and I think they look amazing!

In short: this nail polish is brilliant. I advise you to snap it up while you still can! In fact, I'm seriously considering getting another bottle!!


I also purchased another new colour, Bright Purple colour 303. And because I bought 2 items, I got a kohl pencil free! I picked colour 13 to kinda match the mint green nails. but you can pick from any of their colours. I'm sold on their products now! This is the start of a beautiful relationship!


*Note to self: You cannot buy something online every single time you paint your nails, just to avoid smudging!

Today I.....

Today I realised how bad I had been by not blogging! I really have no excuse, so consider my wrists slapped.

My wee lad was off school ill today and yesterday so I've had a little longer to get ready in the morning before rushing to work! Every cloud....! That extra 20 mins was a god send, and I even managed to wash my hair! It was an absolute state, embarrassing really! I've been experimenting with new products and you don't know how it will leave your hair til you wake up next day, but by then its normally about 8.15 and I've no time for even the quickest wash, and its too thick with rubbish that dry shampoo wont work! I went for a bare minimum spritzing of Charles Worthington Dream Hair Finishing Shine Spray. Not fabulous, but quick and easy.




Today I'm wearing a great black dress from Debenhams, that I spotted on The Fashion Police a year ago, and I really dont wear it enough! Its very comfortable and versatile. Teamed with a pair of black tights, my new Anglomania heels, and handbag and fab necklace from one of my Twitter friends @CostumeJewels. The handbag is sold out now, but they have an amazing selection of other designer inspired bags, and of course this silver necklace! Free P&P on everything, I can't help but treat my self on a regular occasion from this site! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Bad Blogger


I'm sorry I havent been blogging this past week, but I've just been too darn busy!! Work is hectic, home is hectic, social life been hectic, and my poor wee blog had to be cast aside for more important things, like meeting Boba Fett.


Lots of posts coming this week, promise!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Outfits: Love you til Tuesday

Sorry for all the pictures today, I got a bit snap happy!

Wearing my New Look faux leather jacket again, this time with a random top, goodness knows where from, my fav wide leg trousers, knee high boots and an amazing necklace/scarf that was made for me!! I also wore my vintage pearl necklace, and my vintage handbag, purchased from Temporary Secretary's ebay shop. I figured a touch of vintage style would dress up the jacket enough for a day at work, and also, the all important School Gate....!






Ignore the bad hair day.... wowzers! These are the boots I mentioned on Sunday, from Schuh a year or so ago, only problem is they are a size 3/36 and I generally take a 4/37 in boots. But because these are so fab, I persevere lol!

I'm now away to hoover the hall again after seeing that picture of my boots!!


Monday, 28 September 2009

Competition at Love Hearts and Crosses

I blogged about Love Hearts and Crosses last week, and I forgot to mention that they are running a FAB competition, you only have to create a look using polyvore and include anything from their website and you could win a £10 gift voucher to treat yourself with something from the site!!

To enter click the link below!!


No, my Blog isn't schizophrenic!

Please excuse the ever changing style of my blog, I'm trying to find one that fits!! And anyway, didn't someone once say.....

Variety is the spice of life.


Outfits: every girl needs a black leather jacket

Ok so mine isn't real leather, but I am loving it! Today I had 8hr shift in work, but that didn't stop me from wearing one of my favourite ever dresses, and my amazing United Nude boots. Expect to see a lot of these 3 items in this blog!

The people in my work place are used to the ever changing hair, and the clothes I tend to wear, and I realise I am very lucky being able to wear what I like, when I like. It enables me to buy that fabulous dress, or those mad heels, cos its not a case of 'where will I wear it?', its more like 'when will I take them off!'

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Today I.....

Today I was feeling a teeny bit tender after a brilliant night out last night! But in my usual style, I woke at 7.15am, and have been busy all day.

Had to get some stuff in for everyone's packed lunches this week, but I couldn't resist a quick trip to New Look. And look what I found there!


I purchased this fabulous fake leather jacket for a cheap £25! It got a great response on Twitter, what do you think? And I've just discovered that its available online for the same price, but in 5 different colours! You are bound to find one you like, so what's keeping you?! You can buy it here.

Also, this pic can double as an outfit of the day, dress and necklace from Primark, and I was wearing knee high black platform boots from Schuh. I'll maybe wear them again tomorrow, and will get a pic of 'em then.

Spotted a fab floral dress, but didnt buy it, cos it was a size 6 and was quite a squeeze to get into (no side zip??) and also tried the wetlook leggings, which were miles too long for me!!


I do still want to try the trend of shiny Goth leggings/tights, but I think I might give in and buy some of the amazing Black Milk tights!! James is a great guy with the ability to know exactly what makes a woman look divine!

Thats all for now, thanks for reading!!


Friday, 25 September 2009

My Wishlist

Flicking through a random newspaper the other day, I noticed this feathered clutch bag, from  Only £25, and bigger than other clutches available, I think it could actually work for me, a woman who normally carries a bag the size of a suitcase for everyday use!

You can buy it here, but make sure you leave me one for after I get paid!

Across The Blogs

In the week since I started blogging, here are a few of my favourite posts on the blogs I follow, listed on the right hand side:

- We Are All Shoe Addicts  featured some extreme shoe porn, these heels are definitely x-rated, and I love them!!

- Makeup My Secret Obsession obsessed about the new MAC range, Style Black. I think her enthusiasm for the launch has rubbed off on me, I'm craving a greasepaint stick in black!

- Pretty Vintage thinks that Emma Loves Retro cushions, and she was so right, they are fabulous!

- Dress Junkie shows the right way to do thigh high/over knee boots, and not end up looking like Julia Roberts...!

- Shoeperwoman finds fabulous blue heels, but dont they look familiar?

- Shoegal Fi wears over the knee socks, the perfect look for autumn.  Check out those legs!!

- Talking of fabulous legs, Forever Amber makes us all jealous with her perfect pins, and fabulous studded boots, from River Island.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I hate it when.....

I get irked by things. A lot, it seems. So it was only fitting to have an entire label on my blog dedicated to things that get my back up. Todays is:

I hate it when you get an email from a shop, 
and the models are wearing the most fabulous heels, but when you check the website, 
the shoes are not for sale.

Yes River Island I am talking to you.

This morning, I felt a little under the weather, so when the River Island email popped up on my screen, I had a wee look at it, to cheer myself up. And that is when I saw them.


 Ignore, if you can, that rather nice LBD, and take a look at the shoes.  Fierce, strappy, studded, towering heel, they've got it all.  But can I get them? No. Admittedly River Island are selling some really fabulous shoes at the moment, and maybe these will be coming into stock soon, but then why show them on the email that they are presumably sending to thousands of shoe hungry ladies, like myself? Its like torture, physiological warfare, a conspiracy to get all the women of the land pining after a pair of shoes they cant have. In fact, I'm sure it must be against some advertising laws, they should state that the shoes are not available on their email.

So get it sorted,  River Island! You are selling loads of shoes, surely another pair must suit that dress too!! Stop showing me what I cant have!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Box Cometh

Do you remember on Saturday how I was paying a little too much time on Well it seems if you spend long enough on their website, enter a few numbers that you find on a plastic card in your purse, and then they will send you a really really big box!!


Inside the box, was a shopping bag, which is filled with cute little presents! they are nice, the people over at My-Wardrobe.


I purchased 4 pairs of Jonathan Aston tights, in black, smoke, teal and velvet purple. These are a great brand, relatively hard wearing, great colours, and a great price too, £5.50 on this website, but also found on loads of other sites. I also purchased the D&G butterfly, it was far too cute to pass on! and its even cuter in real life, made from 100% silk, it will flutter in the breeze!! I cant wait to try it out tomorrow.


And now for the shoes. I did mention that I'd solved my Red Shoe Shortage, and I dont do things by halves. I have also solved that I Dont Own Any Vivienne Westwood Shoes issue that I've had for a while. Ok, so they are Melissa, and they are Anglomania, but by heck they are fabulous!!!



So shiny, and pretty and strappy and fab! The perfect combination for a pair of heels. I only wish they had a slightly clawed toe, like some other of the Melissa for VW styles. I do own plainer Melissa heels, and although they are reasonably comfy, they do something odd to one of my right toes, which can hurt after a while, but I know its my feet to blame, and not the shoes!

Janine of Shoe Asylum has a pair with clawed toes, and she is also a huge fan of the Melissa rubber shoes. I'm sure she will be a tad green seeing these on my feet!! But she has Louboutins, so she wins ;)


Outfits: Gold! Always believe in your sole

Today, I felt the desire to wear gold shoes, after discussing that colour last night on Twitter. These are from New Look, and are really, not very comfy cos they are too big for me!! I dont remember ever wearing them before! But I was pushed for time this morning, and just went with them. I did get more and more self conscious as the day went on with my flashy gold wedges, but with my red hair and leopard print brolly, I doubt anyone noticed my feet!


The top was from Primark, necklace from Pearl and Butler skirt from I am..... Boutique in Prestwick, purple tights from Primark.

I have just realised that I look really short in the middle picture!! My secret is out, I'm actually barely over 5ft! Because of this, I do tend to sway towards huge heels and platforms. But, as every short arse knows, all good things come in small packages. Or big brown boxes from!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Favourite Websites: Love Hearts and Crosses

I do a lot of shopping on the internet, mainly because I don't drive, and I have to coax my long suffering husband to take me places, and then listen to Jack begging for more computer games, and incessantly asking 'Are we going home yet?!?!'. So I don't really mind paying a pound or two for postage, as it means peace and quiet in the long run!

One of my favourite websites at the moment is Love Hearts and Crosses, a kitsch jewellery store from the adorable Connie! I ordered one of the £10 lucky dips for a birthday treat to myself at the end of August, and I love it so much!! I received a Love Is.... necklace, a fab little trinket box necklace, 2 pair of retro earrings, and Teddy Bear earrings! So cute! I also purchased the fabulous branch necklace featured yesterday on my blog. And previously I ordered the amazing 'I love tea and cake' earrings, which can come as both the same, or one of each! Brilliant! Never have I had so many compliments on a pair of earrings before. Get them while you still can.

The items on my wish list now are:

Geek Glasses.
How cool are these? Cool enough to go on Connie's outfit for her first trip to London Fashion Week! I bet they went down a treat.

Oscar The Owl
I love owl jewellery, and already have 2 different necklaces! But Oscar looks so cute and cuddly, and for only £2? Definitely going on my next order!

Steven Sheen Lightning Bolt Earrings

Vikki from Makeup, my Secret Obsession! bought these, and they look great on her! You dont have to have fluro legwarmers on to unleash a little '80s ness*, because they are mirrored, they go with absolutely everything!

And the good news is, you can win a £10 voucher for the website!! Just check the blog for details on the Polyvore competition. Good luck!!

*Disclaimer: neither I nor Love hearts and Crosses can be held responsible for any spontaneous Nik Kershaw songs that you may find yourself singing as a result of wearing these earrings.

Outfits: I don't like Mondays

I'm going to try and keep up a regular outfit of the day (OOTD) pic, but I'm not promising anything!! Today's outfit was for a autumnal day, walking to school and then full day at work, so had to be warm, comfy, yet school gate suitable ;) I'm a firm believer that there is no need to be slummy just because you have a child/ren. Although I only have Jack, its still time consuming being a mum, and getting up and out is a struggle for all of us!

I did plan this outfit the night before, which helped, so I may try to do that again.


Dress from Dorothy Perkins, tights and necklace from Oasis, grey wedges from Matalan.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

How to wear....... Draped Exaggerated Hips

I have been enjoying the trend for draped, exaggerated hips, on skirts and dresses. Harem pants I still don't understand, and don't think I ever will! But a bit more detailing on the hips can make your waist and legs look smaller in comparison, so its not all bad!

A good way to try any trend, is to buy it cheap. Primark, Matalan, New Look, whatever your favourite is, you are bound to find the latest styles in there, and for less than your weekly Starbucks spend! Primark is where I found mine, for the bargain amount of £2! Well, I couldn't say no.

Rather than buying another black skirt, I went for grey. Its a great colour, goes with just as many colours as black does, only looks less gloom, and less formal. I teamed it with a simple blue vest, cropped black jacket, fabulous branch necklace from Love Hearts and Crosses, and a pair of my favourite brand heels, Irregular Choice.



Staying tight on top is a must. You should never go for volume all over unless you want to look like you are wearing all your clothes at one time. High waisted skirts are the easiest, simply tuck a t-shirt, or shirt into it. Accessories and shoes shouldn't be too fussy, use the less-is-more approach to draping, as the skirt is the statement piece of the outfit.

One of my best friends on the web loved this skirt when I posted it, so next time I was in Primark, and I saw it marked down to only £1, I had to buy it for her! ShoeGalFi wore it more dressed up for work, with purple tank top and a gorgeous corsage. She also paired it with blue another day, I think she has a thing for blue.....! You can check out her outfits here, and here.