Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My Obsessions: Nails

Apart from the obvious shoe, and shopping obsessions, I also love my long nails. I know not everyone loves length on their fingers, but I do. I've never ever bit a finger nail, and it turns my stomach to see the nails of a compulsive biter, with short weak nails, and big bleeding round finger tips! YUCK!! I cant even bring myself to take a pair of nail clippers near my talons, so if I want/need to shorten them, it involves long and laborious filing.

Needless to say, an obsession with nails comes with nail polish. And lots of it!! I'll post pics of my collection soon, but here are my latest purchases from Superdrugs.


Barry M Mint Green, colour 304, which is the nearest I'll get to the Chanel Jade that's been all over the interwebs since it hit the catwalks. I. Love. It. I always thought darker polishes were my thing, or a fabulous red. But wearing this has changed my mind! Its so funky and bright, and catches the eye. Wow. I've only ever bought 1 Barry M nail polish before, and wasn't hugely fussed, compared to my normal OPI, and although I still didn't love the teeny brush, I have to say I'm impressed! It did take two coats, but most lighter colours do to get the coverage, and I topped it off with Nails Inc Brixton Hardener to a shiny finish. An hour or so shopping on the Matalan website* ensured that I didn't get any smudges, and I think they look amazing!

In short: this nail polish is brilliant. I advise you to snap it up while you still can! In fact, I'm seriously considering getting another bottle!!


I also purchased another new colour, Bright Purple colour 303. And because I bought 2 items, I got a kohl pencil free! I picked colour 13 to kinda match the mint green nails. but you can pick from any of their colours. I'm sold on their products now! This is the start of a beautiful relationship!


*Note to self: You cannot buy something online every single time you paint your nails, just to avoid smudging!


  1. All of my BarryM stuff is still for sale....


  2. LOL makeup is he last thing i need right now, I always seem to end up using the same stuff every day and the rest just sits there. Good luck with the blog sale, they seem like hard work :S

  3. Yeah they are!! Made £30 so far though