Thursday, 8 October 2009

Update: Barry M Mint green polish

I said it once, and I'll say it again.


This stuff is good!! I bought it Monday, painted nails that night and its still, entirely chip free! Well done, Barry M, I think you might have changed me from a nail polish snob to a bargain brights lover!!

Admittedly, to get the best out of any polish, no matter how much it costs, application is a lot to do with it. Take your time. File your nails to a smooth finish using a softer emery board.  Give yourself a base coat, to give a smooth even nail, as well as making it easier to remove dark colours.  Apply 2 coats if it needs it, and make sure you leave 5 mins between applications.  Always always always use a top coat. If this ships a little, you wont notice, but if your colour chips, you will see it.  Plus, they are not made of regular varnish stuff, its a different mixture, designed to give a robust, smooth, shiny finish, without having to worry about colour. 

Here ends todays lesson.

By the way, have you bought it yet? Go get it!!!



  1. I have been using the Barry M polishes for a while and they are truly fab!

  2. let's hear it for Barry! I love his eyeshadow, had some for years! mmmm, maybe I should update?

  3. Barry is the best, let's face it !