Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Outfits: Gold! Always believe in your sole

Today, I felt the desire to wear gold shoes, after discussing that colour last night on Twitter. These are from New Look, and are really, not very comfy cos they are too big for me!! I dont remember ever wearing them before! But I was pushed for time this morning, and just went with them. I did get more and more self conscious as the day went on with my flashy gold wedges, but with my red hair and leopard print brolly, I doubt anyone noticed my feet!


The top was from Primark, necklace from Pearl and Butler skirt from I am..... Boutique in Prestwick, purple tights from Primark.

I have just realised that I look really short in the middle picture!! My secret is out, I'm actually barely over 5ft! Because of this, I do tend to sway towards huge heels and platforms. But, as every short arse knows, all good things come in small packages. Or big brown boxes from My-Wardrobe.com......!

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