Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I hate it when.....

I get irked by things. A lot, it seems. So it was only fitting to have an entire label on my blog dedicated to things that get my back up. Todays is:

I hate it when you get an email from a shop, 
and the models are wearing the most fabulous heels, but when you check the website, 
the shoes are not for sale.

Yes River Island I am talking to you.

This morning, I felt a little under the weather, so when the River Island email popped up on my screen, I had a wee look at it, to cheer myself up. And that is when I saw them.


 Ignore, if you can, that rather nice LBD, and take a look at the shoes.  Fierce, strappy, studded, towering heel, they've got it all.  But can I get them? No. Admittedly River Island are selling some really fabulous shoes at the moment, and maybe these will be coming into stock soon, but then why show them on the email that they are presumably sending to thousands of shoe hungry ladies, like myself? Its like torture, physiological warfare, a conspiracy to get all the women of the land pining after a pair of shoes they cant have. In fact, I'm sure it must be against some advertising laws, they should state that the shoes are not available on their email.

So get it sorted,  River Island! You are selling loads of shoes, surely another pair must suit that dress too!! Stop showing me what I cant have!

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