Monday, 21 September 2009

Favourite Websites: Love Hearts and Crosses

I do a lot of shopping on the internet, mainly because I don't drive, and I have to coax my long suffering husband to take me places, and then listen to Jack begging for more computer games, and incessantly asking 'Are we going home yet?!?!'. So I don't really mind paying a pound or two for postage, as it means peace and quiet in the long run!

One of my favourite websites at the moment is Love Hearts and Crosses, a kitsch jewellery store from the adorable Connie! I ordered one of the £10 lucky dips for a birthday treat to myself at the end of August, and I love it so much!! I received a Love Is.... necklace, a fab little trinket box necklace, 2 pair of retro earrings, and Teddy Bear earrings! So cute! I also purchased the fabulous branch necklace featured yesterday on my blog. And previously I ordered the amazing 'I love tea and cake' earrings, which can come as both the same, or one of each! Brilliant! Never have I had so many compliments on a pair of earrings before. Get them while you still can.

The items on my wish list now are:

Geek Glasses.
How cool are these? Cool enough to go on Connie's outfit for her first trip to London Fashion Week! I bet they went down a treat.

Oscar The Owl
I love owl jewellery, and already have 2 different necklaces! But Oscar looks so cute and cuddly, and for only £2? Definitely going on my next order!

Steven Sheen Lightning Bolt Earrings

Vikki from Makeup, my Secret Obsession! bought these, and they look great on her! You dont have to have fluro legwarmers on to unleash a little '80s ness*, because they are mirrored, they go with absolutely everything!

And the good news is, you can win a £10 voucher for the website!! Just check the blog for details on the Polyvore competition. Good luck!!

*Disclaimer: neither I nor Love hearts and Crosses can be held responsible for any spontaneous Nik Kershaw songs that you may find yourself singing as a result of wearing these earrings.


  1. Oooh I bought those earrings too and I love them! They're so light but so funky looking :) I got a couple of the pearl charm bracelets too for some birthday's coming up.

    Buy all three of those :)

  2. The geek chic necklace is still on my wishlist! x

  3. LoL

    I love my lighting bolt earrings! and yes they do go with well Anything!!!

  4. Haha, we all have such shockingly good taste ;)

    Thanks for reading girls! It really means a lot to me xx